Sunday, 5 March 2017

Film Friday

All I know about Film Friday is give it a try! I started this virtually defunct blog to hi lite cameras that have been around since 1955. Why 1955 ? Because I was born in that momentous year, what other reason could I have chosen oh you have checked it out and the Leica M3 came on tap in 1955 & you consider that more important than the fact I was born. Let me tell you I don't! I have failed with this blog but do I care?  no is the answer. I still love photography and I am as passionate about cameras now as I was when I wrote the first post but a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. I am now in an electric wheelchair full time and Multiple Sclerosis has robbed even more of my body. I cannot collect cameras any longer as putting it bluntly I cannot afford to. But digital photography suits me, no developing of film no films to buy and I even struggle getting a compact flash card out of a camera and my wife has to remove SD cards so reeling and winding on a 120 film ain't ever going to happen again for me not ever!
But a mate has just bought himself a Nikon kit so maybe come the better weather we might just have some expedition' s to hone our non existent photographic skills. Who knows I maybe able to take the lens cap off still and remember how to take a shot or two!

Maybe I need these SNACK CAPS I could eat them

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