Sunday, 10 July 2016

Camera's at the Euro's and sport's events

I looked at the camera's at the football final and at Wimbledon today. I know they are professionals but the money's worth of kit was phenomenal. Dozens of Canon 1D and some huge lenses. I mean really huge amounts of glass. Assuming each of those set ups was ten grand and each photographer had a backup set up worth half that and say a nice Apple pro laptop and say a studio somewhere any images they managed to sell must be worth a fortune. And they were just the two main sporting events I saw today, there was also the formula one GO at Silverstone today and wheelchair tennis finals. No wonder the likes of Canon and Nikon  are so keen to promote their top of the range camera's. I know all about the people who say it the person behind the camera not the camera that counts but I must say I didn't see anyone using a box brownie or a Kodak Pro1 it was all new gear and all top of the range stuff, I only say one guy using a small camera and in all probability that would have been a Leica M.

I wish I had discovered photography before I became ill I would have loved to have been a professional rather than an enthusiastic snapper. I enjoy just playing about with any of my camera's even if it is taking a picture of a stone or a bee busy collecting pollen. And as I heard on the TV tonight you only ever regret the shots you do not take, the Television pundit was talking about football but to me it is a photography term. Night camera lovers I need some sleep.

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