Monday, 18 July 2016

Been proper poorly

Yep my life with Multiple Sclerosis gets in the way of having a life. I have been in bed since last Friday night. I was due to go out to a micro pub to eat but never made it. MS messes with my nervous system, I became constipated and we all know jokes about constipation but it has wrecked my weekend putting me in bed but hopefully that is behind me know. I watched a program tonight by professor Brian Cox and it had some great shots of moths so if I can get a bit of help I am going to try a project on moths. I need to have some help because I aim to put a moth trap out and I needs to be in the garden, those of you that follow my exploits will know I am in a wheelchair. Our garden is down a flight of steps! Have you spotted the problem? Wish me luck.

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