Thursday, 21 April 2016

Nothing to report

I got a few shots today, all of garden birds taken through the window.I have got a new wheelchair so hopefully I can get out and about if the weather warms up. Today was sunny but I still had to turn the central heating on for a while. It was after I had fallen asleep in the wheelchair in the sunshine, as soon as the Sun disappeared the temperature plummeted. I didn't manage to get outside the house at all today. We had to wait in for a lift engineer to come and fix the through floor lift, I couldn't get it to work properly this morning. Thankfully the came out within a few hours and eventually managed to get the problem sorted. I did take a couple of shots of his tools but nothing exciting. The weather looks like worsening for the weekend so a planned trip is looking doubtful.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Camera out again

I spent a lot of the afternoon sitting camera on the window cill waiting for a decent shot of one or some garden birds, I failed. I didn't get one picture so when my wife came home and suggested a ride I jumped at the chance. A short distance away the council have been trimming the trees in the park and I fancied a shot. So when we got there she got the shots as it really wasn't worth getting me into the wheelchair for a couple of pictures. They were the only photo's we got. We started talking and then the mobile went and we got distracted and all in all I forgot to take anymore pictures but we had a wonderful ride.

Just discovering life

I am back in circulation, I doubt I will add much to this blog but I thought it only right I should let anyone who does drop in that I am still in circulation. My MS has really messed with me both mind and body hence not a lot of photography but yesterday I did actually pick up my camera.