Tuesday, 5 May 2015

If I am not taking pictures I am looking at them

I love my cameras they give me immense joy. My other joy is looking at photography that others have done. I often spend hours just looking at pictures online. I spend most of my time online because I am in a wheelchair and it is my access to the outside world. Today I opened an email from a forum I joined a few years back. It is mainly American based but I dont let that stop me browsing its news. Today I have discovered the delights of a one Darius Kinsey and what delights. I read about him here on the HistoricCamera website
And them with my appetite truly whetted I sought his work  out on the world wide web. I found this one website which had some stunning images and another link to the University of Washington website, I can see me being sometime before I have finished researching Darius Kinsey

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