Sunday, 17 May 2015

Do I really need another camera?

Well it all depends who you ask. Ask my wife and the reply would be a resounding NO. And I use capitals in the reply for a reason. I have cameras in boxes and tucked away on shelves that I have not looked at in the last couple of years let alone used them and many will never see a film again. But get rid of them NO I cry and I once again use capitals for a reason. They dont need to go I would like to buy some more cameras to keep them company!!
I know its the same in all fields of collectables be it train sets or silver spoons. The sheer act of owning an item and then like Gollom sitting and stroking it and saying "My precious" many collectors wives must see items arrive and like my dear suffering wife think to themselves more junk.
So in answer to my question is no but if you reword that question to do I want another camera the 
answer would be a capital Y a capital E and a capital S with bells on and all the whistles I could muster. Is there a group I could go to where I could say "I am Don and I am a cameraholic"

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