Saturday, 16 May 2015

Bird and Wildlife photography

I spend my days sat in a wheelchair gazing out of the window into the garden. I love to see the birds in my garden they brighten my day. Unfortunately I am unable to access the garden because we have steps to the rear of the house and my wheelchair is allergic to steps and I am also allergic to pain so lets not try and get into the garden. Photography whilst in a wheelchair is somewhat restricted I cannot move higher or lower to get that killer shot and if arranging stuff for a shot I can only reach so far, an able bodied person may  say they appreciate my problems but believe me it is frustrating. The bird pictures I take are all taken through our double glazed windows and that acts as a filter even when my wife has spent an age cleaning the glass. So why do I bother? its not the joy of post production that's for sure. One forum I use my bio is that life is to short to learn photoshop and that is a mantra I live by I have always said you can polish a turd but it still remains S##T.
I take bad pictures the worst of them I delete but the rest of the bad ones I may crop but that is it. I am not saying Photoshop is wrong I am just on a short journey through life and want simplicity. I have a friend who  spends days messing with shots and enjoys the process and the result. I DON'T.
When I do manage  to get out of the house I will snap anything and everything, my wife often asks why and I answer because I can, Digital has made photography cheap. I have hundreds if not thousands of bad pictures on small pieces of photographic paper that cost me a small fortune to obtain now I have hundreds of thousands of pictures stored on hard drives and apart from the cost of my camera the cost is zilch. I do get a few printed but in recent times the cost of a single image is pennies so unless I want an A2 picture printed I am saved from any great expense.
I did once think about joining the local photography club but to do that I would need to improve and I am happy at the current skill set and being a self taught amateur with the emphasis on AMATEUR.
I love my cameras and my birds the shots I take of flowers in fact I love every shot and always know the best shot will be my next one. 

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