Sunday, 17 May 2015

Am I the only person without an iPhone ?

I read somewhere that the iPhone has already captured more images since its introduction than have been taken by all the cameras ever made. I have no way of knowing if that's just BS or true. But more to the point I don't actually care. Camera phones are handy and yes they take a fantastic image. I am impressed by them but I hope I never use one. I detest mobiles so I have no plans to get an iPhone any time soon. My wife has one and having never wanted one has now fully embraced the modern technology and I think it's great but not for me. Maybe it's an age thing but there are many people much older than myself who would be lost without theirs. I don't care I will continue using a camera for photography and a telephone for conversation. Texting well that just madness, my kids reply to their mother so fast I am sure it is unnatural. And they can text without looking at the screen. I iPhone no I don't iPhone using a phone. Did that make sense? If you want to talk to me while I am in the middle of a field you will need to be standing next to me. 

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