Friday, 10 April 2015

Canon A1 camera with 50mm lens

I am at it again I fancy an A1 mainly because I like the A1 (the road that is  ) I can't  know the camera because I don't own one yet. I have been on eBay, where else can you browse so many camera's? I have even been out bid a couple of times. I never had a film SLR so I am curious as to what I missed out on. The only draw back is do I need another camera, I don't use the ones I have any where enough. I sat in the wheelchair today camera on the window ledge and I never once used it. Once upon a time I would have taken a dozen shots of the garden birds antics but now I am stuck in the wheelchair the hight seems wrong. I used to sit on a high stool called a perching stool but getting from wheelchair to stool and back again has become a challenge. I am fully qualified in the art of falling over and I don't wish to become reacquainted with the dinning room floor we have met to many times, it's not the falling that bothers me it's the abrupt stop at the end. So I think I will just keep dreaming and let someone else buy the A1 camera.