Monday, 30 March 2015

i don't post enough

Maybe it is because I am a rubbish photographer maybe I am just lazy but I run four blogs and this is my hardest one to post on. Maybe I should just post picture, no! None of mine are good enough!!! Maybe I should make excuses, it's my disability, the wheelchair makes it hard! Maybe  I rubbish at writing about camera's I must say I am rubbish at writing about other stuff as well. I start out with the best of intentions, I thought maybe get the Panasonic out and keep it in my pocket and use it more, it's small and takes a great photo. How do they do that with such a small camera?
I must m a me more of an effort, should I join a camera club, note to self when does Margate camera club meet, it used to be at Holy Trinity church..
Wheelchair access will be good but do I want to turn out of an evening? I am making excuses and I am not even out of bed yet.

Resolution, it's a bit late to call it a new year resolution. Take more pictures and post more blog posts.

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