Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Canon d60 is not a Canon 60d

This is the 60D that I want
Silly me. I got all excited it was buy it now with just over a day to go on the auction. How come no one else had spotted this bargain. One hundred and thirty nine pounds at least a hundred pounds cheaper than the one I saw the other day and that was an absolute wreck. It may have been a good camera once but that was a long time ago. This one was virtually new by comparison. Surely the gods were looking down on me. Just look again. Read the description. As new in original box complete with charger and spare battery this six mega pixel. That's a mistake the 60d  has eighteen mega pixels. WHAT 6 MP. ITS NOT A 60d it is a d60
Note to self if it looks to good to be true it usually is to good to be true. I know it was late and I was tired. Those painkillers had knocked the edge off my senses, but, but what. I nearly brought an over priced camera because I wasn't reading the description properly. Let this be a lesson to you all don't take pain killers drink whiskey and browse for cameras at the same time

this is the D60 that is so old it could be my grandad

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