Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Camera unused and forgotten

Those of you who know me will know I suffer from Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, which has taken most of my body away, I am stuck in a wheelchair and most of the time I am OK with this. Today I have had a relapse and have been in bed for over twenty four hours sleeping for over eighteen hours straight. I haven't been using my camera's I used to always be using my camera but for a few month now I have not even taken one out of the cupboard!! My once constant companions are stuck away out of site and out of mind. I aim to change that as my New Year Resolution will be take more pictures.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Serves me right Ten minutes of my life I will never get back

My days are pretty much spent on ebay. My life is such now that being in the wheelchair I do research on stuff I find online. At the moment I am into old woodworking tools. Today I have my copy of British Planemakers from 1700 and have messed around all morning quiet happily until I came across an auction for a Corfield Lumimeter. Why didn't I stop there? OH NO NOT I what I did is look up the fore mentioned article on google. Any of you remember the line from the Ray Stevens song about the streaker don't look Ethel
It was too late, she'd already been incensed.

I was to late I had gone to far and like Ethel I had been incensed.
The first words I read should have warned me but like the muppet I am I continued and am now bamboozled as to what I have read or why I wanted to ever know anything about the Corfield Lumimeter. If you want to waste ten minutes read this http://www.jollinger.com/photo/meters/meters/corfield_lumi.html

why should I be the only person to loose valuable minutes that I will never get back.

Here is Ray Stevens to brighten your day after being  incensed

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Took my camera out to a ride

The title to this post says it all. Heather got the camera bag and put it in the car the got me into the car, after putting the wheelchair back indoors we set off for a ride. Two hours later we were back home and all we had done was taken the camera for a ride. I had sat in the car and forgotten all about the camera. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beautiful pictures from an iPhone

My son was wandering back towards home the other night and stopped to admire the setting sun. Took his phone from is pocket took a picture and promptly clicked send. The picture arrived in my inbox no note nor description, its not perfect it has many flaws but to me its priceless. At that moment in time my son had been thinking of me his old dad who was sat at home in my wheelchair. He had managed in a few seconds what one hundred years earlier would have taken days. Now that is what I call progress.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

I am a rubbish photographer

Yep there is no way to break this gently it has been pointed out to me tonight by my wife I am not a very good photographer. I leave the lens cap on I am to slow and I fumble with the camera. Do I care? No is the answer! A big resounding NO. I love my time messing around with a camera. The fact is I don't care what others think of my efforts, they are right, I am rubbish but I enjoy it.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My life in pictures

I am sat here thinking of something photographic to write. I have writers block
as a blogger I need writers block it 's as useful as a chocolate teapot. Without the ability to write you the reader will not have anything to read. So me no write you no read, and a blank blog is no blog at all. Yes I know you say my writing is rubbish and not worth reading anyhow but I keep this blogging lark up to see in the vainest of hopes that I will get good at it, as you are witnessing that isn't happening.
So tomorrow I will try again I am now going to watch a movie for some inspiration.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Pictures of baby beans

My grandsons are now growing broad beans. I am the foreman of the project all the family were involved and I aim to record there development. here are the first images. Read about how this came about at my other blog Promote Thanet

life on the ledge

A comfy bean

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Am I the only person without an iPhone ?

I read somewhere that the iPhone has already captured more images since its introduction than have been taken by all the cameras ever made. I have no way of knowing if that's just BS or true. But more to the point I don't actually care. Camera phones are handy and yes they take a fantastic image. I am impressed by them but I hope I never use one. I detest mobiles so I have no plans to get an iPhone any time soon. My wife has one and having never wanted one has now fully embraced the modern technology and I think it's great but not for me. Maybe it's an age thing but there are many people much older than myself who would be lost without theirs. I don't care I will continue using a camera for photography and a telephone for conversation. Texting well that just madness, my kids reply to their mother so fast I am sure it is unnatural. And they can text without looking at the screen. I iPhone no I don't iPhone using a phone. Did that make sense? If you want to talk to me while I am in the middle of a field you will need to be standing next to me. 

Do I really need another camera?

Well it all depends who you ask. Ask my wife and the reply would be a resounding NO. And I use capitals in the reply for a reason. I have cameras in boxes and tucked away on shelves that I have not looked at in the last couple of years let alone used them and many will never see a film again. But get rid of them NO I cry and I once again use capitals for a reason. They dont need to go I would like to buy some more cameras to keep them company!!
I know its the same in all fields of collectables be it train sets or silver spoons. The sheer act of owning an item and then like Gollom sitting and stroking it and saying "My precious" many collectors wives must see items arrive and like my dear suffering wife think to themselves more junk.
So in answer to my question is no but if you reword that question to do I want another camera the 
answer would be a capital Y a capital E and a capital S with bells on and all the whistles I could muster. Is there a group I could go to where I could say "I am Don and I am a cameraholic"

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Home printers or professional printers.

I must have got rid of my last printer about eight years ago. I worked it out that the cost of the page I wanted printing was enormous compared to getting it printed in the copy shop. And as for photos forget it get them done at the copy shop every time. Professional printers cost thousands of pounds, my local copy shop has three huge printers in the front shop goodness only knows how many he has in the back where the real work is done. And the quality is superb. My little fifty quid desktop print was a cheap toy by comparison and I wanted professional results from it, who was I kidding. If you want professional quality go to the professionals.

Bird and Wildlife photography

I spend my days sat in a wheelchair gazing out of the window into the garden. I love to see the birds in my garden they brighten my day. Unfortunately I am unable to access the garden because we have steps to the rear of the house and my wheelchair is allergic to steps and I am also allergic to pain so lets not try and get into the garden. Photography whilst in a wheelchair is somewhat restricted I cannot move higher or lower to get that killer shot and if arranging stuff for a shot I can only reach so far, an able bodied person may  say they appreciate my problems but believe me it is frustrating. The bird pictures I take are all taken through our double glazed windows and that acts as a filter even when my wife has spent an age cleaning the glass. So why do I bother? its not the joy of post production that's for sure. One forum I use my bio is that life is to short to learn photoshop and that is a mantra I live by I have always said you can polish a turd but it still remains S##T.
I take bad pictures the worst of them I delete but the rest of the bad ones I may crop but that is it. I am not saying Photoshop is wrong I am just on a short journey through life and want simplicity. I have a friend who  spends days messing with shots and enjoys the process and the result. I DON'T.
When I do manage  to get out of the house I will snap anything and everything, my wife often asks why and I answer because I can, Digital has made photography cheap. I have hundreds if not thousands of bad pictures on small pieces of photographic paper that cost me a small fortune to obtain now I have hundreds of thousands of pictures stored on hard drives and apart from the cost of my camera the cost is zilch. I do get a few printed but in recent times the cost of a single image is pennies so unless I want an A2 picture printed I am saved from any great expense.
I did once think about joining the local photography club but to do that I would need to improve and I am happy at the current skill set and being a self taught amateur with the emphasis on AMATEUR.
I love my cameras and my birds the shots I take of flowers in fact I love every shot and always know the best shot will be my next one. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

missed out on the shot

We went out to eat fish and chips in the car with friends tonight. The sun was sinking when we finished eating by still over an hour before it would be setting so we went for a drive before heading back to Margate to set some shots as the Sun set the horizon ablaze. Well that was the plan but if you read my disabled Don blog you will understand why we ended up back on Margate sea front fifteen minutes after the Sun had sunk. No pics for you tonight sorry .

Monday, 11 May 2015

Sunset at Margate

I found these on my Hard Drive  sunset from the steps at Margate a couple of hundred yards from the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery. I think I was eating fish and chips watching the sun go down,

Garden Wild life

Garden wildlife from my hard drive. My efforts to take pictures today have been rubbish, no change there then.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

If I am not taking pictures I am looking at them

I love my cameras they give me immense joy. My other joy is looking at photography that others have done. I often spend hours just looking at pictures online. I spend most of my time online because I am in a wheelchair and it is my access to the outside world. Today I opened an email from a forum I joined a few years back. It is mainly American based but I dont let that stop me browsing its news. Today I have discovered the delights of a one Darius Kinsey and what delights. I read about him here on the HistoricCamera website
And them with my appetite truly whetted I sought his work  out on the world wide web. I found this one website which had some stunning images and another link to the University of Washington website, I can see me being sometime before I have finished researching Darius Kinsey

Friday, 10 April 2015

Canon A1 camera with 50mm lens

I am at it again I fancy an A1 mainly because I like the A1 (the road that is  ) I can't  know the camera because I don't own one yet. I have been on eBay, where else can you browse so many camera's? I have even been out bid a couple of times. I never had a film SLR so I am curious as to what I missed out on. The only draw back is do I need another camera, I don't use the ones I have any where enough. I sat in the wheelchair today camera on the window ledge and I never once used it. Once upon a time I would have taken a dozen shots of the garden birds antics but now I am stuck in the wheelchair the hight seems wrong. I used to sit on a high stool called a perching stool but getting from wheelchair to stool and back again has become a challenge. I am fully qualified in the art of falling over and I don't wish to become reacquainted with the dinning room floor we have met to many times, it's not the falling that bothers me it's the abrupt stop at the end. So I think I will just keep dreaming and let someone else buy the A1 camera.

Monday, 30 March 2015

i don't post enough

Maybe it is because I am a rubbish photographer maybe I am just lazy but I run four blogs and this is my hardest one to post on. Maybe I should just post picture, no! None of mine are good enough!!! Maybe I should make excuses, it's my disability, the wheelchair makes it hard! Maybe  I rubbish at writing about camera's I must say I am rubbish at writing about other stuff as well. I start out with the best of intentions, I thought maybe get the Panasonic out and keep it in my pocket and use it more, it's small and takes a great photo. How do they do that with such a small camera?
I must m a me more of an effort, should I join a camera club, note to self when does Margate camera club meet, it used to be at Holy Trinity church..
Wheelchair access will be good but do I want to turn out of an evening? I am making excuses and I am not even out of bed yet.

Resolution, it's a bit late to call it a new year resolution. Take more pictures and post more blog posts.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Canon d60 is not a Canon 60d

This is the 60D that I want
Silly me. I got all excited it was buy it now with just over a day to go on the auction. How come no one else had spotted this bargain. One hundred and thirty nine pounds at least a hundred pounds cheaper than the one I saw the other day and that was an absolute wreck. It may have been a good camera once but that was a long time ago. This one was virtually new by comparison. Surely the gods were looking down on me. Just look again. Read the description. As new in original box complete with charger and spare battery this six mega pixel. That's a mistake the 60d  has eighteen mega pixels. WHAT 6 MP. ITS NOT A 60d it is a d60
Note to self if it looks to good to be true it usually is to good to be true. I know it was late and I was tired. Those painkillers had knocked the edge off my senses, but, but what. I nearly brought an over priced camera because I wasn't reading the description properly. Let this be a lesson to you all don't take pain killers drink whiskey and browse for cameras at the same time

this is the D60 that is so old it could be my grandad