Friday, 19 December 2014

Video Camera function? do i need it? yes i am addicted to cameras.

I put the question mark in the wrong place and because I am basically very lazy am leaving it there. Maybe the reason I am considering a video function is because I am the afore mentioned lazy man. I don't want a video camera and a camera. I just want one thing to lug around. If I had an iPhone would I stop using a real camera? Now that is a scary thought, I complained to someone on eBay about the quality of the pictures on their auction and the answer basically I am selling the really good camera coz I have a phone that takes crap photos so why do I need the camera.
I didn't buy the camera for the simple reason he was a dork who would settle for crap photographs and the camera made more money than I wanted to pay. Work out for your self which one of those two reasons was the real answer. Do I need a video option? Probably not would I use it probably not very often. But that's like saying I won't buy an umbrella I probably won't go out when it's raining. But that one time I do want to go out and remember I am in a wheelchair that umbrella will be useful. My DSLR is a model that is only five or six years old it's great it does all I want from a camera and more. Do I need a new camera? In short the answer is NO. Would I like a new camera YES. Now that my friends is the perennial problem and I keep asking myself  a question that a week ago when I was for selling the lot was easy to sneer. But tonight having held the camera and taken a few shots and messed with it I have the bug and more to the point the bug has me. Hello my name is Don and I am a photoahlic. They say the first part of getting over an addiction is admitting it well I have said it I am addicted to cameras.

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