Friday, 12 December 2014

Digital cameras are the way forward

I have decided that although I long for the past of my youth I like the convenience of modern life. I can remember go's lamps and ice on the inside of the Windows, the outside toilet and in later life we got a  ex war department generator for electricity. Even set up a system of wires and pulleys to turn it off without going outside into the barnyard in the dark. Still had to light a candle to go to bed though but it was progress. I am a bit like this with photography I year for the past but I want the comfort of digital. Plus the expense of film and development.
Digital is the future for me and that is with a small exclamation mark. I have known it all along. I love the retro feel but love the modern even more. An old Canon A1 will turn my head but my heart wants digital. Let's face facts I am a crap photographer Hampered by the fact I am in the wheelchair, but even when I was well and had the ability to walk I was only ever a point and shoot camera user I never discovered my love for photography until the digital age. But even then I started out with a cheap point and shoot. I purchased it to enable me to put photo's on my eBay listings. It cost one hundred and twenty pounds from Argos. I am sure I still have it on the shelf beside me. I am in bed writing this and unable to get out unassisted so can't check but I don't throw. Cameras away so I expect it to still be there. It wasn't until I bought a second-hand Canon PowerShot with three mega pixel and a five times zoom did it occur to me that photography could be enjoyable. I replaced the Canon PowerShot with a better one sold the first on eBay to fund its replacement and as they say the rest is history.
I am now considering selling the whole lot my old 1920´s film gear the later stuff and my DSLR' s and just keeping one point and shoot and a bridge camera favoured by my wife Heather. The resort behind this is I can't use the camera's as I would like to and they just don't get used, but and here is the sticking point. I might use them

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  1. Snap! I had just reached the same conclusion Don! 99% of my 35mm cameras have been in hibernation for a year and the one that I used has only had one cassette of film through it. I really cannot be bothered with the kerfuffle of eBay sales so I shall donate them to a local charity - Probably Heart Foundation [not the grotty little shop near Costa Coffee but the larger mainly furniture store near the top of the High Street where the staff are always gratefull and usually on the ball]