Monday, 8 December 2014

Can I sneak another camera in over Christmas

I am a camera buying embargo. Obviously not of my own making but imposed by wife and if I know what is best for me I dare not brake it. If it was up to me junk from ebay would  arrive every day bar Sundays, no post on Sundays but some of the couriers do work on Sundays so I theoretically could get gifts from  ebay seven days a week.
Lumix LX5
I have been looking at a Panasonic LX as it has a slightly larger sensor than my TZ8. But I think the main reason is price. I dont want an all singing and dancing new model I am happy to settle for a good quality used camera. I have bought most of my gear on the secondhand market and see no reason to stop now. I have never had a problem with ebay or the likes. I love Amazon used stuff and free ads are my Nirvana, until the digital age I used to take a copy of the Exchange and Mart to bed for lite reading. I was this habit which prompted me to get my eyes tested I still remember the night when the page of text was just a grey blur and I had to sleep without my nightly fix, Specsavers restored the equilibrium but the internet put paid to the need to buy the E&M and ebay has put paid to it and other similar rags.
I liken the LX because it has been around for ages and even its first incarnation in 2010 had a good spec and will still return good images and it is cheap and the LX1 is still around unlike its counterpart the Canon Powershot S80 I have just spent the last 15 minutes trying to track down a S80 on ebay. The Canon Powershot was what first got me into photography. I can remember its images from its 3.2 MP being a revelation until that point all I had ever done was snap shots I down snapshots now but they have ATTITUDE. I am the worlds worst user of a camera  but in my mind I am up there with the greats

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