Sunday, 13 July 2014

I covet this camera

Am I  allowed to covet cameras?

Damned right I am this was on ebay earlier today a 1940's press set up and I love it. I cant have it even though it was only eighty quid. I am not buying any more cameras and in fact I am selling some of my stuff when I can bring myself to do it. I hate selling cameras, choosing is like asking which of your children would you sell first.


  1. Hi Don - welcome back to that jolly old camera envy bug!
    Talking of bugs, I just spent an annoying few days getting my laptop to play nicely with windows 8.1 again. Windows 8 is surely the worst ever incarnation of Microsoft's evil side?
    As for that press outfit, guess you could always buy a battered trilby hat on ebay and stick a 'PRESS' sign in the hatband and do it all in your mind instead.
    I was reminded of your blog [this one] a few days ago ... before the computer crash ... when I happened across this one from a guy in Nottingham. He is younger than us - but then isn't everyone? - but together, you and he have revived my own dismissed interest in the blogosphere.
    I'll drop you an email when / if I am able to do a launch ...
    Stay as happy as you can and dream on ...

    1. Forgot to give you that other guy's address. Sorry. You should find him at: