Sunday, 5 January 2014

Been out with camera

We had a ride out to Herne Bay this morning and I took the Canon DSLR and got a few shots when I get time I will upload them to here. The morning was bright and dry and we had a pleasant ride round but headed home before the rain set in. I had wanted some local pics but nothing doing today.

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  1. Good news Don, glad to have you back on this blog.
    I have been up to mischief again ... wandering home from Tesco this morning I spotted an interesting looking box in the window of one of the 2nd hand shops in Northdown Rd.
    As a result I am £5 poorer and the owner of an HPM407 digital camera and dock with sufficient cables to knit a sweater as well as all the user manuals.
    Well what better way to spend a few hours on a wet 'n' windy afternoon? It seems to work ok. Sometime in the next few days I shall write an update on my Lomokent blog.
    Gee! Bet you can hardly wait! Happy New Year and don't fall out of bed again.