Saturday, 11 January 2014

digital Don rubbish photographer

I am a rubbish photographer but I love camera's I love the camera, weather I have paid just a pound or two or in the case of digital DSLR' S I could and would if funds were not a problem many thousands of pounds. Would spending many thousands make me any better at photography? No. I would still be the same chump and I would still be in a wheelchair, so how would the camera change me? It wont will it, I might have the largest bestist (that's not a real word but a late great mate said it all the time) bit of kit. The biggist and bestist lens, bragging right on the most expensive of all the world's kit. But I would still be the same chump the same rubbish photographer, just with different kit. It's not the camera that makes the shot it is the person. Oh some of the old two quid camera's are rubbish and leak light and have slow shutters but I choose the shots and maybe I don't know all the quirks within a little I can compensate to get something out of it. So it's me who needs to know the limitations of it. Give me an expensive all singing all dancing bit of expensive kit I would be able to get some good shots. Shots I would be proud of, yes but then again I was proud of the out of focus soft shots of the sky I took this afternoon..  I won't ever be another Rankin I am 58 and discovered photography three years ago on an old Canon bridge camera. I discovered I loved the stuff I could do, the sport 8 times zoom I think it had. I loved it in my hand it felt wonderful. I still get that feeling  with all my camera's. And the fact I am rubbish I don't care it wont be changed by cash, I might be better if I wasn't in my wheelchair but I doubt it! All that would mean was I was not quite as badly at being rubbish. What I am trying to say is that enjoy your camera and love the stuff you do with it. If it's rubbish then do what I do delete it and try again when you start at the bottom the only way is up.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Been out with camera

We had a ride out to Herne Bay this morning and I took the Canon DSLR and got a few shots when I get time I will upload them to here. The morning was bright and dry and we had a pleasant ride round but headed home before the rain set in. I had wanted some local pics but nothing doing today.