Friday, 19 December 2014

Video Camera function? do i need it? yes i am addicted to cameras.

I put the question mark in the wrong place and because I am basically very lazy am leaving it there. Maybe the reason I am considering a video function is because I am the afore mentioned lazy man. I don't want a video camera and a camera. I just want one thing to lug around. If I had an iPhone would I stop using a real camera? Now that is a scary thought, I complained to someone on eBay about the quality of the pictures on their auction and the answer basically I am selling the really good camera coz I have a phone that takes crap photos so why do I need the camera.
I didn't buy the camera for the simple reason he was a dork who would settle for crap photographs and the camera made more money than I wanted to pay. Work out for your self which one of those two reasons was the real answer. Do I need a video option? Probably not would I use it probably not very often. But that's like saying I won't buy an umbrella I probably won't go out when it's raining. But that one time I do want to go out and remember I am in a wheelchair that umbrella will be useful. My DSLR is a model that is only five or six years old it's great it does all I want from a camera and more. Do I need a new camera? In short the answer is NO. Would I like a new camera YES. Now that my friends is the perennial problem and I keep asking myself  a question that a week ago when I was for selling the lot was easy to sneer. But tonight having held the camera and taken a few shots and messed with it I have the bug and more to the point the bug has me. Hello my name is Don and I am a photoahlic. They say the first part of getting over an addiction is admitting it well I have said it I am addicted to cameras.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Digital cameras are the way forward

I have decided that although I long for the past of my youth I like the convenience of modern life. I can remember go's lamps and ice on the inside of the Windows, the outside toilet and in later life we got a  ex war department generator for electricity. Even set up a system of wires and pulleys to turn it off without going outside into the barnyard in the dark. Still had to light a candle to go to bed though but it was progress. I am a bit like this with photography I year for the past but I want the comfort of digital. Plus the expense of film and development.
Digital is the future for me and that is with a small exclamation mark. I have known it all along. I love the retro feel but love the modern even more. An old Canon A1 will turn my head but my heart wants digital. Let's face facts I am a crap photographer Hampered by the fact I am in the wheelchair, but even when I was well and had the ability to walk I was only ever a point and shoot camera user I never discovered my love for photography until the digital age. But even then I started out with a cheap point and shoot. I purchased it to enable me to put photo's on my eBay listings. It cost one hundred and twenty pounds from Argos. I am sure I still have it on the shelf beside me. I am in bed writing this and unable to get out unassisted so can't check but I don't throw. Cameras away so I expect it to still be there. It wasn't until I bought a second-hand Canon PowerShot with three mega pixel and a five times zoom did it occur to me that photography could be enjoyable. I replaced the Canon PowerShot with a better one sold the first on eBay to fund its replacement and as they say the rest is history.
I am now considering selling the whole lot my old 1920´s film gear the later stuff and my DSLR' s and just keeping one point and shoot and a bridge camera favoured by my wife Heather. The resort behind this is I can't use the camera's as I would like to and they just don't get used, but and here is the sticking point. I might use them

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I got the camera out

In itself that may sound nothing unusual but I have been suffering from depression and I haven't picked up any of my cameras in weeks so today way a big deal. It was only a few shots of the grandsons but it felt good so maybe when I go to the dentist tomorrow I will take a camera!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Can I sneak another camera in over Christmas

I am a camera buying embargo. Obviously not of my own making but imposed by wife and if I know what is best for me I dare not brake it. If it was up to me junk from ebay would  arrive every day bar Sundays, no post on Sundays but some of the couriers do work on Sundays so I theoretically could get gifts from  ebay seven days a week.
Lumix LX5
I have been looking at a Panasonic LX as it has a slightly larger sensor than my TZ8. But I think the main reason is price. I dont want an all singing and dancing new model I am happy to settle for a good quality used camera. I have bought most of my gear on the secondhand market and see no reason to stop now. I have never had a problem with ebay or the likes. I love Amazon used stuff and free ads are my Nirvana, until the digital age I used to take a copy of the Exchange and Mart to bed for lite reading. I was this habit which prompted me to get my eyes tested I still remember the night when the page of text was just a grey blur and I had to sleep without my nightly fix, Specsavers restored the equilibrium but the internet put paid to the need to buy the E&M and ebay has put paid to it and other similar rags.
I liken the LX because it has been around for ages and even its first incarnation in 2010 had a good spec and will still return good images and it is cheap and the LX1 is still around unlike its counterpart the Canon Powershot S80 I have just spent the last 15 minutes trying to track down a S80 on ebay. The Canon Powershot was what first got me into photography. I can remember its images from its 3.2 MP being a revelation until that point all I had ever done was snap shots I down snapshots now but they have ATTITUDE. I am the worlds worst user of a camera  but in my mind I am up there with the greats

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I covet this camera

Am I  allowed to covet cameras?

Damned right I am this was on ebay earlier today a 1940's press set up and I love it. I cant have it even though it was only eighty quid. I am not buying any more cameras and in fact I am selling some of my stuff when I can bring myself to do it. I hate selling cameras, choosing is like asking which of your children would you sell first.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Rain stops play

I have had a wet start to 2014 not as bad as many but taking photographs while in a wheelchair being soaked by torrential rain is no fun so I have hardly held a camera so far this year. I dont do set up shots because I cannot stand up to arrange the subjects and it is frustrating my MS has wrecked my body. If the weather ever picks up I promise I will take some more pictures. Don

Saturday, 11 January 2014

digital Don rubbish photographer

I am a rubbish photographer but I love camera's I love the camera, weather I have paid just a pound or two or in the case of digital DSLR' S I could and would if funds were not a problem many thousands of pounds. Would spending many thousands make me any better at photography? No. I would still be the same chump and I would still be in a wheelchair, so how would the camera change me? It wont will it, I might have the largest bestist (that's not a real word but a late great mate said it all the time) bit of kit. The biggist and bestist lens, bragging right on the most expensive of all the world's kit. But I would still be the same chump the same rubbish photographer, just with different kit. It's not the camera that makes the shot it is the person. Oh some of the old two quid camera's are rubbish and leak light and have slow shutters but I choose the shots and maybe I don't know all the quirks within a little I can compensate to get something out of it. So it's me who needs to know the limitations of it. Give me an expensive all singing all dancing bit of expensive kit I would be able to get some good shots. Shots I would be proud of, yes but then again I was proud of the out of focus soft shots of the sky I took this afternoon..  I won't ever be another Rankin I am 58 and discovered photography three years ago on an old Canon bridge camera. I discovered I loved the stuff I could do, the sport 8 times zoom I think it had. I loved it in my hand it felt wonderful. I still get that feeling  with all my camera's. And the fact I am rubbish I don't care it wont be changed by cash, I might be better if I wasn't in my wheelchair but I doubt it! All that would mean was I was not quite as badly at being rubbish. What I am trying to say is that enjoy your camera and love the stuff you do with it. If it's rubbish then do what I do delete it and try again when you start at the bottom the only way is up.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Been out with camera

We had a ride out to Herne Bay this morning and I took the Canon DSLR and got a few shots when I get time I will upload them to here. The morning was bright and dry and we had a pleasant ride round but headed home before the rain set in. I had wanted some local pics but nothing doing today.