Sunday, 10 November 2013

been awake all night

Yep I am wide awake and have been most of the night. I can't get our of bed without assistance so can't even go and play with one of my cameras. I had a suggestion the other day from Col that I do a series of shots titled from my wheelchair, I am unable to get the composition I want so have to make do with what I can get. It isn't that I am a good photographer or anything like that but even being able to stand tall or get down low can change things so dramatically but it is lost to me. So if I do a series of wheelchair shots don't complain they are rubbish that is a given before I start try it yourself. I can guarantee if you were to take a folding chair out for a day and only shoot from a sitting position in it you would capture something you would no normally see. Life down at my level is different and being reliant on others to position me for a shot means I miss so much. But I can't change things so prepare yourself or even join me.