Friday, 16 August 2013

I could have been one of them dreams my Agfa

Yep even old film camera's get jealous, here is my Agfa Jsoly wishing he had tried harder at school. He recons he actually knew this isolette years ago. I am not sure I believe that though I recon he is just envious

as you can see the little fella has been drinking all afternoon if you ask me he is p##sed and it is film camera envy

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Film gone into the Agfa Isoly at last Adventure begins at last

I had a friend visit yesterday and got him to put the film into the Isoly I didn't want to do it because with my MS my hands are working at all well. I didn't want to ruin it before I had put it in the camera. Here is proof the film is in the camera all I have to do is take some pictures and I am off to Broadstairs to Photofast to get my 120
film developed and also put onto disk to how you the results of my efforts. I am no David Bailey  so I doubt they will be any good but its a bit of fun. My Retro film adventure is off to another start.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Another week another excuse

Still no film in the Isolly and I am no nearer to putting a film into the shop to be developed, so much for my project of using film cameras. I dont aim to buy anymore cameras until I get going so I really must start taking some pictures with my film cameras rather than digital.