Wednesday, 24 July 2013

120 FILM Update

All things being equal I will not delete this post before I finish it but just remembering a tip from Michael I am going to copy what I have typed so far and finish this post in Word. I never updated the 120 film adventure yesterday because I had a hospital appointment. I am home alone now Heather has gone out shopping with our daughter and I am surfing the net wondering why all the camera stuff I want is upstairs and I am downstairs, the complete reversal of the situation on Monday with the added complication of no goffa Hmm. What to do about it? Nought the Isolly can wait I have found the film I have cleaned it the best I can now I have to put the film in the camera and shoot. I have grown quiet fond of the cheap plastic camera and cant wait to see the end results. In the mean time I am stuck here with a couple of snacks and some Apple and Mango squash contemplating the world, I have browsed ebay and checked my email I am sitting here in my wheelchair wondering what mischief I can get up to. I should really be sorting out my sock drawer but thankfully the wheelchair wont go upstairs.


  1. I think "mischief" is likely your middle name!

  2. Elaine I dont know what you mean :-)