Sunday, 10 November 2013

been awake all night

Yep I am wide awake and have been most of the night. I can't get our of bed without assistance so can't even go and play with one of my cameras. I had a suggestion the other day from Col that I do a series of shots titled from my wheelchair, I am unable to get the composition I want so have to make do with what I can get. It isn't that I am a good photographer or anything like that but even being able to stand tall or get down low can change things so dramatically but it is lost to me. So if I do a series of wheelchair shots don't complain they are rubbish that is a given before I start try it yourself. I can guarantee if you were to take a folding chair out for a day and only shoot from a sitting position in it you would capture something you would no normally see. Life down at my level is different and being reliant on others to position me for a shot means I miss so much. But I can't change things so prepare yourself or even join me.

Friday, 16 August 2013

I could have been one of them dreams my Agfa

Yep even old film camera's get jealous, here is my Agfa Jsoly wishing he had tried harder at school. He recons he actually knew this isolette years ago. I am not sure I believe that though I recon he is just envious

as you can see the little fella has been drinking all afternoon if you ask me he is p##sed and it is film camera envy

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Film gone into the Agfa Isoly at last Adventure begins at last

I had a friend visit yesterday and got him to put the film into the Isoly I didn't want to do it because with my MS my hands are working at all well. I didn't want to ruin it before I had put it in the camera. Here is proof the film is in the camera all I have to do is take some pictures and I am off to Broadstairs to Photofast to get my 120
film developed and also put onto disk to how you the results of my efforts. I am no David Bailey  so I doubt they will be any good but its a bit of fun. My Retro film adventure is off to another start.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Another week another excuse

Still no film in the Isolly and I am no nearer to putting a film into the shop to be developed, so much for my project of using film cameras. I dont aim to buy anymore cameras until I get going so I really must start taking some pictures with my film cameras rather than digital.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

120 FILM Update

All things being equal I will not delete this post before I finish it but just remembering a tip from Michael I am going to copy what I have typed so far and finish this post in Word. I never updated the 120 film adventure yesterday because I had a hospital appointment. I am home alone now Heather has gone out shopping with our daughter and I am surfing the net wondering why all the camera stuff I want is upstairs and I am downstairs, the complete reversal of the situation on Monday with the added complication of no goffa Hmm. What to do about it? Nought the Isolly can wait I have found the film I have cleaned it the best I can now I have to put the film in the camera and shoot. I have grown quiet fond of the cheap plastic camera and cant wait to see the end results. In the mean time I am stuck here with a couple of snacks and some Apple and Mango squash contemplating the world, I have browsed ebay and checked my email I am sitting here in my wheelchair wondering what mischief I can get up to. I should really be sorting out my sock drawer but thankfully the wheelchair wont go upstairs.

Monday, 22 July 2013

120 film found adventure begins


I had intended to take some pictures of me and the Agfa Isolly and my now found 120 film. I wrote a great post and had intended some pictures but the camera was downstairs I am upstairs and I have MS my wife Heather is my goffa but it is just after 10:00 pm and it is not fair to ask her to round up the bits needed at this time of night. Plus the Royal Birth is all over the TV. As I said I had written a great post but sitting here in bed I managed to wipe that post from blogger and it is now in cyber heaven. I am going to post this as is and go to sleep maybe an update tomorrow

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Flat batteries stop play

I told you all I was dusting off the Ricoh XR6 and aiming to put a film through it. Well when I bought it a couple of years ago I bought replacement batteries for it at the same time. Well I put them inn it today and yep you guessed it they are as dead as the proverbial parrot inn a Monty Python sketch. Annoying but not unexpected,, I work on the assumption if it can go wrong it will, and I have never been disappointed yet.Oh well Amazon it is then new battery is a must if I am ever going to use this great camera. I cant do anything until I get some power I  am going to sort through my sock drawer while I wait for the postman,  you never know I might find the misplaced  120 film I am looking for.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My project for film cameras

I started this blog over a year ago with the idea of a project to buy and use some English made film cameras that are no older than myself. I was born in 1955 so I have 57 years worth of cameras to explore. Well my Multiple Slerosis has messed with this plan. I am now permanently in a wheelchair  and the idea whilst still burns bright the flesh is less than willing. Well I keep on adding the odd camera to the project and my latest is an Agfa Isoly made in 1960. It has arrived today and while expecting much (I only bought it to use up a roll of 120 film) I must say first impressions are disappointing. It is cheap and nasty made of plastic  and very simple controls (even I can master two settings) but I did only pay a pound for it. I had been looking at Isolette's but you are hard pushed to find one for under 20 quid so settled on the spur of the moment for this heap of 1960's junk. You can tell I  am not impressed firstly I broke my rule of only English cameras and secondly I bought it on a whim. You shouldn't turn on the laptop, log on to ebay and say oh thats finishing in ten minutes I think I will bid even if it is only a pound (the postage came to more than the camera). I know it sounds like I am moaning and I have not given the camera a chance, but I always thought the Germans made quality items, maybe this is quality  junk. I used to call on a shop that had a sign behind the counter we buy junk and sell antiques if they were still in business I could sell this camera to them. Unfortunately they closed down years ago. Well enough of my whinging  I will let you get on with your day I will let you know how I get on with my new toy.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Ricoh XR6 gets a dust off

Just a brief post. I an sitting here having downloaded a manual for my Ricoh XR6 from (good value at $3.00) I am giving it a dust off. Next week I am finally going to take the film in from my Yashica TLR to be developed, now that is a strange beast and when I do get the film developed I will post some piccies on here. I have had a look through the manual and can now open the back so inserting the film shouldn't be to hard, all I need now is for this weather to hold and me to stay well and I should be able to get out in the wheelchair and put a film through this baby. Wish me luck. Here is a link to the Ricoh when I got it

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Exercise and sleep helps

Since going into hospital fr rehab after a particularly bad infection and also being fitted with a CPAP air supply I a feeling a lot better. While I was in hospital the newspapers were full of the news that John Cleese was undergoing tests for sleep apnea. Well I didn't get my photo inn the paper like Cleese but I have got a great bit of kit that keeps me from disturbing my sleep (I was stopping breathing 27 times an hour)so little wonder I was always tired. I am now able to do daily exercise and although I am in the wheelchair all day now I actually feel  almost human again.All of this is down to my MS nurse getting on the case and getting me sorted. The specialist nurses are under rated they do a fantastic job for us multiple sclerosis sufferers and their work keeps a lot of us sufferers out of hospital beds and are worth their weight in gold. Gadget test: John Cleese posted a picture on Twitter of himself getting ready to sleep with a machine attached that tests for sleep apnea

Camera phones at Wimbledon

I am amazed at the lack of 'real' cameras at Wimbledon. Every time I see some one taking a photo it is with their phone. I know they produce good images but come on folks even a cheap point and shoot can do much better.

Friday, 19 April 2013

My latest toy film camera circa 1947

Yep I have another baby an Ensign 420 Selfix 1947 I hope to add to this and grow a collection of British made camera's. Wish me luck.