Friday, 10 August 2012

Ebay,Camera Buyer Beware

I love ebay and tend to buy a lot of gear from the site. Not only photo bits, the laptop I am on now, toys for the grandsons and lots of other stuff a well. But for some reason I ended up looking at a Canon EOS 7D,  I have not intention of buying one it was just a site I was on had a piccie taken with one and you know what the internet is like idle hands and all that. Well the crux of this post is that I looked at these cameras and the first one I see is a new body priced at £1438 buy it now on ebay.  Thats lots of wonga me thinks so I wonder what the thing is at Park Camera's, so a few clicks later me finds out. It is advertised at £1129 of the Queens finest pound coins. So for the effort of a few clicks I could save myself  if repeat if I was in the market for a 7D £309 of those very fine very round pound coins. I then  click on the Amazon website, it is  my other favourite site, I type in eos7d (just like that I never used capitals) and up one comes this time it is £1044.70 and free delivery saving another 85 bright shiny coins. So the moral to this story is dont always go to ebay coz it aint always the cheapest place to buy from.

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