Monday, 30 July 2012 Lounge comments

I must say I have never seen so many comments on a forum board as on all of the UK's anti brigade seem to have been to work forming their own bile into comments about the Olympics. I feel sorry for those who have taken it into their heads to knock what for me is the greatest sport show on earth. I have loved the Olympics since I was about 12 and will continue to do so, no amount of negitivity from a minority will change me I luv the games.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Camera about to gather dust

The last few days I have been unwell see my other blog Disabled Don for the gory details if  you are interested. But starting tonight I will be otherwise occupied with the Olympics so even though my camera is within arms length of me I don't aim to be using it much if at all. I am sitting here for the duration, I cant walk across the room unaided so I will watch all of these athletes with envy as well as marvelling  their abilities. Dreams will be made as well as broken. The stadium is slowly filling up as I type this and I am  awaiting the sceptical that is London 2012. Good luck to everyone but a special dose of luck for team GB.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Canon EOS M Still looks like coke can stuck on box

Sorry to users of CSC's but they do all look odd and the new offering from Canon is no different. I have a camera that looks like a camera a DSLR and I have a compact that looks like a packet of cigarettes. I would like someone to produce  a camera that looks right, Canon have failed see  JESSOPS SITE

Just down loading last nights pictures

When it cooled down last night I summoned up the energy to go out. We drove up to Botany Bay and walked from the Fayreness  round to the Captain Digby and back. Well my wife walked and I rode on my disability scooter it was still far to hot for her to push me in the wheelchair. I will use the piccies on my other blog Promote Thanet.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Talking about pictures

I had a visit today from my brother and when he arrived  I put the camera on the table. We talked and talked even at one stage spoke about pictures he had on his phone. I even said I want a picture of the both of us together. We moved from the table to more comfortable seating  in the front room. Well to cut to the chase he had a couple more cups off coffee and had to go. Guess what we never got round to doing Yep you are right I still have no current picture of the two of us together. Still  better luck next time.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Photography should be fun

I started this blog to go back to film cameras but now I wonder why I would want to do such a backward step. I love my digital cameras. I cant be asked to go backwards, when I first got a car I never knew the steering was stiff untill I tried power steering  then I never knew how hot and sweaty I got untill I discovered air conditioning. Its a bit like that with digital versus film. I agree its fun and it slows you down but why do I want to do that, I have become a compulsive digital snapper, I take bizzare shots my wife often asks why are you taking that? Because I can Because I want to Because I am me. And film aint me sorry it just aint I will ffinish the film I have got and then its going to be al digital. There I have come clean I am a fraud I DONT DO FILM