Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Spent day updating church website

Been busy up dating Saint Pauls Northdown Road  website and now it is nearly six oclock and I havent even looked at this weeks copy of Amateur Photographer. My wife has been busy sorting out my new bedroon and finding safe places for my latest camera's a Ricoh XR6and a Yashica Minster 111. The Ricoh needs two batteries and I located some off of ebay 20 for less than the price of one from a well known online retailer. I have in the past saved small fortunes buying leads and wires from ebay. Recently my son changed his car and to fit his radio to the new cars fitting needed a connector. Off he went to a local national car and cycle store and was soon back saying something along the lines of those nice people had one in stock but wanted thirty two of my hard earned pounds for it. That is no quiet what he said but you can get the gist of his angst, I went online and found the same fitting for £2.50 including free postage and that wasnt the cheapest. So the moral of this story is twofold Ist i fyou spend the day letting your wife clear up around you expect never to find anything for a few weeks and secondly shop around it may save you a fortune.

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