Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another Goodie arrives

I should have posted this last week but its here now. I got an early morning call from the postman, he came bearing doodies a new (to me) Ricoh XR6 with a Rikenon lens. Here are a few shots of it taken with my digital panasonic TZ8 I love that camera its always there and has such a great zoom. When I get out next week I will get over and buy a 35mm film and give it a whirl.


  1. An early morning call from the postman? You must be his favourite as our mail arrives anytime between 1130 and 1400 ... but then I guess we can't all be first on the list.
    Your new black beauty looks like it could be capable of great things and I look forward to seeing some results once you get to grips with it. Best wishes, Col

  2. Cheers Col I am more excited by this one than the others it feels nice and I really want to use it WHEN I GET OUT, I had my flu jab yesterday so I am alright for this winter. HEEE HEEE