Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Saint Georges Garage ruby tuesday

I went to see Ross up at Saint Georges Garage today to apologise and I thought I would give him and JCB Group cars a plug at the same time. So sorry this seems like blatant advertising (it is ) but on this my first post in ages is of a red Volkswagen. A moving billboard and what better colour then red. If I was designing a poster and wanted to make the maximum impact I would always go for RED.


  1. I agree with you: Red startles passersby into paying attention1


    Just a pinch of scarlet
    To liven up the place;
    Just a hint of ruby
    Brushed upon your face;
    Just a bit of cherry
    Dancing round your toes;
    Just some sanguine colors—
    That’s the way it goes!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Autumn’s rubies here and here

  2. Red ... CocaCola [it makes me burp now] ... Ferrari [never could afford one] ... Marlboro [Haven't smoked for 4 years!] ... my daughter's hair [!!!]... my Lambretta in 1955 [RIP]
    Sure thing Don, red makes magnificent marketing.

  3. Cheers folks I must say I am not a lover of red but as Col said it makes magnificent marketing

  4. That is certainly a bright pair of shots! I'm impressed you're using film, I grew up with film and am more than happy to stay digital for now.