Thursday, 10 November 2011

My camera and my prize

I said my Bert Hardy book has arrived and it is virtually un-put-downable, I was reading it in bed untill 1 AM. Hence I am tired today, but the main reason for this post is the Agfa has arrived and I have a few pictures of it. I have no film yet and have deecided I cant use it untill I have put a film through the Yashica and to do that I need to feel a lot better than I do at the moment. Still the MS is not going to win. Col also included a copy of Photography Monthly so I have plenty of reading even if I am not up to taking pictures, Have a look at his blog MARGATE35MM

Here are a few shots of the Agfa Optima I tried them in black and white because I think that is what I will take with it.

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