Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bert Hardy Book has arrived

Its always the same, the postman arrived and caught my wife still in her nighty. We had a late start today, I have been even more unwell than usual and we tried to catch up on some sleep. Bu the postie was the bearer of free gifts. Col from Margate35mm blog had sent my free gift from his competition and I am all excited, I who never has  any good luck, has won something. Queue marching bands or even an orchestra. I HAVE WON SOMETHING.Yep sure to be feeling better now I have my Bert Hardy book to curl up with.
The reason I said about my wife and the postie was a similar thing happened yesterday. He delivered my latest camera an Agfa Optima 1 which is my latest ebay puchase. I love ebay you can browse all the things you cant afford but would love to own, and then to make yourself feel good make a cheeky bid on something you dont really want but it appeases your feelings of lust after the unobtainable unaffordable cameras you would covet after. Well my Agfa is such a purchase. Do any of you have similar feelings? desires for the unobtainable. I have just read an article by Roger Hicks in this weeks Amateurphotographer about desire and affordability, and I am always desiring what I cant afford, but one day when I win the lottery I will be able to but to win I better start buying a ticket.
Cheers Col I will enjoy the book.

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