Monday, 10 October 2011

Yashica B arrived today

The postman arrived with a special delivery today, the first of what I hope will be a long line of film camera's. I aim to buy old skool film camera's and put a film through them and let you see the results. So the first one I am trying is a Yashica B circa according to the ebay seller 1962. I know that the current craze for Lomo is the thing at the moment and the results are not the thing woth Lomo but I thought long and hard about buying a Russian Lubitel and read all the blogs and internet forums and then I read an article about Yashica's, The writer reconed they are on a par with Rolleicord's, how true that is I have no idea but given everyone else says the Lubitels of this world  are of dubious quality I plumped for the Japanese Yashica. I bid for it on Thursday night and it arrived this morning so damned quick, I haven't even been out to pick up any film yet.

Well having prised  it from the posties clutches I headed back upstairs on my stairlift (I am disabled and spend most of my time in a wheelchair) getting it unwrapped was easy compaired to releasing it from the ever ready leather case. But I finally worked out how to free it from the case and say it in all its retro beauty. I was surprised how heavy it is and how many dials and levers there are. SCARY STUFF. I will go and play now so see you all tomorrow unless I have more to report before then.


  1. Oh, this sounds like fun! I'll be following along, wouldn't miss it for anything. Cheers to you and Heather! Elaine

  2. Thanks Elaine, I am scared of film after so long with digital

  3. I had a similar model Yashica some time ago. It was the best of the tlr cameras that I've had. The film advance gave up, but it made some great pictures for me. Wish I still had it.