Saturday, 15 October 2011

My first pictures

Yep we managed to get out! First off we went up to Palm Bay and watched the kite flyer's. We managed a few shots of the kites on my Panasonic  TZ8 I also tried a video clip, I am putting off looking at in on the computer because I tried taking it from the car window. Heather is still unsteady on her feet when she looks up so I have no ides what they will look like and am in no hurry to find out. From Palm Bay we went round the coast towards Broadstairs and parked up at Joss Bay to see what birds were about. We saw a Pied Wagtail  and a Yellow Wagtail I managed a few shots of the Pied Wagtail and a video clip. Then came the first shots with the Yashica. We pulled out of the car park as the sun was directly where I wanted to shoot and if we moved into Elmwood Ave the sun was to my right. After much deliberation I got out of the car and fired of three shots, I hope they are OK it wont be long before I have taken the whole film and got it developed so you wont have long to wait to see my results. See some of my digital shots over on my other blog CLICK HERE

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