Thursday, 13 October 2011

Light meter and film plus birthdays

Today is my birthday and friends turned up with some 120 colour film for my birthday present. They got it from Henrys in Margate High Street. I loaded it with help from Phil and a look at a website for Yashica 635 so we could load the film and a couple of Youtube clips. Well the film is loaded and ready to go but I have bid on a light meter on eBay and I think I will use one so I will wait for that to arrive which wont be long. Time for my Birthday celebrations so if I dont blog tomorrow you will know I have overdone the red wine.


  1. I know it will probably be Friday before you read this but ..........Happy, happy, happy birthday!!

  2. Happy birthday.
    By coincidence I also blogged about meters yesterday!
    Best wishes