Sunday, 16 October 2011

Amateur Photography magazine

I eagerly wait for my new edition of Amateur Photography each week. I tend to read it from cover to cover most weeks and read all the reviews etc, but this week I am reading and rereading an article on Leidolf Lordomat  35mm camera introduced after the war. I cant buy one as they too expensive so I shall not be test one any time soon. What has caught my interest in the article was they listed several of the Leidolf Lordomat's contemporaries, and I am just going through that list to see if there are any that I might be in a position to purchase for my retro film adventures.


  1. I too love AP, especially since they awarded me with 20 x 36 exposure films for 'letter of the week' on 9th June this year and then £50 for a 'Back Chat' column on 30th June.
    I put the loot towards the purchase of my Zeiss Nettar 120 camera from who advertise regular half pages in the back pages of AP.
    Good luck

  2. jUST MISSED ANOTHER CAMERA ON EBAY oops still never mind its not like there is any shortage of them. Well done you I will have to get out my back issues and read your articles. I read it from back to front other than photoshop articles, I cant photoshop.