Saturday, 31 December 2011

Horse Pooh

I blogged in my last post about my eldest grandson liking his new camera and his two year old brother having got one also. Well today they went out on a family walk on Westgate Prom and took their cameras and what did they use them for? Taking pictures of horse poo. I ask you what would any other five year old and his two year old brother do yep you are right HORSE POO

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Cameras for kids

I was surprised by my five year old grandson before Christmas when he picked up my compact and started shooting away. He is used to taking photos with is mums phone so he knew what he wanted to achieve which is more than me and  the concept of a zoom blew his mind. I am pleased we bought him and his brother cameras for Christmas at least I get to use my compact wwhen he is around.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Promote Thanet: Carols by candlelight, with the Salvation Army Brass Band Saint Pauls Cliftonville

Promote Thanet: Carols by candlelight, with the Salvation Army Brass Band Saint Pauls Cliftonville

Carols by candlelight, Saint Pauls Cliftonville

Fri 16th December, at 7:30 pm

Carols by candlelight,
with the Salvation Army
Brass Band

All your favourite carols, sung in beautiful candle light, followed by mince pies at the end of the service.
Please do come and  join us. 

St Paul’s Church
Northdown Road

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Digital in darkness

I had fun last night playing with my compact in the dark. Last week I swopped bedrooms with my son and in the dark I now get different shadows on the ceiling, well last night I tried capturing them on my compact. The standby lites came out but everything else was black. I gota few captures of a blue ceiling but nothing worth sharing still I had fun for half an hour making patterns with the glowing lights.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another Goodie arrives

I should have posted this last week but its here now. I got an early morning call from the postman, he came bearing doodies a new (to me) Ricoh XR6 with a Rikenon lens. Here are a few shots of it taken with my digital panasonic TZ8 I love that camera its always there and has such a great zoom. When I get out next week I will get over and buy a 35mm film and give it a whirl.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Spent day updating church website

Been busy up dating Saint Pauls Northdown Road  website and now it is nearly six oclock and I havent even looked at this weeks copy of Amateur Photographer. My wife has been busy sorting out my new bedroon and finding safe places for my latest camera's a Ricoh XR6and a Yashica Minster 111. The Ricoh needs two batteries and I located some off of ebay 20 for less than the price of one from a well known online retailer. I have in the past saved small fortunes buying leads and wires from ebay. Recently my son changed his car and to fit his radio to the new cars fitting needed a connector. Off he went to a local national car and cycle store and was soon back saying something along the lines of those nice people had one in stock but wanted thirty two of my hard earned pounds for it. That is no quiet what he said but you can get the gist of his angst, I went online and found the same fitting for £2.50 including free postage and that wasnt the cheapest. So the moral of this story is twofold Ist i fyou spend the day letting your wife clear up around you expect never to find anything for a few weeks and secondly shop around it may save you a fortune.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Compact System Cameras

I have just fallen in love, I saw it on the front of last weeks amatuerphotographer magazine and it was lust at first sight. The new Panasonic DMC GX1 when I manage to get my hands on it I hope it lives up to what my heart is telling me. I know this blog is about retro but this camera looks to be harking back to the times gone by but with a modern heart. Shame I cant afford it .

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas retro gifts

I got my latest copy of  Amatuer Photographer  today and they have an article about buying retro cameras for Christmas. I started this blog with the dream of running some film through a few old cameras, but I think I have become obsessed by old and usable cameras. I spend my days on ebay and reading reviews and visiting sites such as Camerapedia to learn more about models I previously knew nothing about. I have found 100's of cameras I would love to try so if your Husband or partner is of a certain age and can still remember the days before digital and gazes at cameras all day, buy this weeks issue of AP the article starts on page 77 with some stunning pictures of beautifull film cameras.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kent Classifieds free ads experiment

Any one who knows my other Blog Promote Thanet will know I have a mate who runs a free ads site Yesterday  I mentioned it on my blog and I got that article on the first page if you googled Kent Classifieds. The reason I am writing this is that if you want to get on the first page on google or any search engine add fresh content to your website. Content is key when it comes to your place on the web. So any of you reading this update your website with new exciting content and change your keywords regularly.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Saint Georges Garage ruby tuesday

I went to see Ross up at Saint Georges Garage today to apologise and I thought I would give him and JCB Group cars a plug at the same time. So sorry this seems like blatant advertising (it is ) but on this my first post in ages is of a red Volkswagen. A moving billboard and what better colour then red. If I was designing a poster and wanted to make the maximum impact I would always go for RED.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Contax pre war Rangefinder

I cant buy one but I would in a flash if I had the money. I am looking on ebay for rhe next camera I dont think I want to waste a film in the Agfa Optima it just dont do it for me, I find it clumsy in my hands. I know I am disabled but most cameras feel good but I cant get on with the agfa and since I broke my thumb nail on the lense I dont want to play anymore. I am going against my self imposed rules and dismissing my 1955 date line and looking pre war. I would love an early Leica or Contax II but they are beyond my reach finacially so this post is from a grumpy Don, a Don who has champagne tastes but a beer budget.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

500 Cameras by Todd Gustavson

I just clicked on a link to a blog on Margate35mm's blog and read an article about a book 500 Cameras by Todd Gustavson. Thinking I would like a copy I clicked onto ebay, sure enough up came the book and the price was £200 hmmmmmmmmm must be a typing error as in the ebay listing it stated publishers price £17.99. I scrolled down to the next auction BUY IT NOW £20.77 plus £2.69 postage. which struck me as nearly six quid over RRP. next port of call was Amazon £13.49 so if you are in the market for a copy of 500 Cameras by Todd Gustavson I recomend to search before clicking buy it now.

My camera and my prize

I said my Bert Hardy book has arrived and it is virtually un-put-downable, I was reading it in bed untill 1 AM. Hence I am tired today, but the main reason for this post is the Agfa has arrived and I have a few pictures of it. I have no film yet and have deecided I cant use it untill I have put a film through the Yashica and to do that I need to feel a lot better than I do at the moment. Still the MS is not going to win. Col also included a copy of Photography Monthly so I have plenty of reading even if I am not up to taking pictures, Have a look at his blog MARGATE35MM

Here are a few shots of the Agfa Optima I tried them in black and white because I think that is what I will take with it.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Bert Hardy Book has arrived

Its always the same, the postman arrived and caught my wife still in her nighty. We had a late start today, I have been even more unwell than usual and we tried to catch up on some sleep. Bu the postie was the bearer of free gifts. Col from Margate35mm blog had sent my free gift from his competition and I am all excited, I who never has  any good luck, has won something. Queue marching bands or even an orchestra. I HAVE WON SOMETHING.Yep sure to be feeling better now I have my Bert Hardy book to curl up with.
The reason I said about my wife and the postie was a similar thing happened yesterday. He delivered my latest camera an Agfa Optima 1 which is my latest ebay puchase. I love ebay you can browse all the things you cant afford but would love to own, and then to make yourself feel good make a cheeky bid on something you dont really want but it appeases your feelings of lust after the unobtainable unaffordable cameras you would covet after. Well my Agfa is such a purchase. Do any of you have similar feelings? desires for the unobtainable. I have just read an article by Roger Hicks in this weeks Amateurphotographer about desire and affordability, and I am always desiring what I cant afford, but one day when I win the lottery I will be able to but to win I better start buying a ticket.
Cheers Col I will enjoy the book.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Another camera on its way

Yep I know I havent managed to use the Yashica but I just bought an AGFA Optima 1 rangefinder 35 mm in good condition. Serves me right for spending most of the day browsing camera's on ebay. I will let you know what its like when it arrives

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I won a free gift, a photography book

 this is a copy of a post I made on my other blog PROMOTE THANET

See what I mean about blogging being exciting? First I get invites to premieres and now I win a book! Yep I sure am one lucky little blogger. So if you fancy the chance of winning a gift visit Margate35mm Blog I did and now have a book on the way. I am feeling a little bit brighter so may manage to get out and try my film camera in the next few days, read my film adventures over on my other blog retro film camera adventures

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Only digital today

I managed to get out this afternoon but with no time to speak of I took the TZ8 for a trip out, the first one for days. I have been going stir crazy and managed a few shots of the boats off of Palm Bay and a couple of some Gulls. I am not sure but I think one was a Mediterranean gull as it looked sad in the cold of the afternoon. There were also loads of boats off of the North Foreland. We had a ride around the Island and ended up in a traffic Jam at the Lord of the Manor roundabouts, when we got through I could see no reason for such a long hold up. I am just going to check the images and identify the gull.

Monday, 31 October 2011

retro film camera adventures: Excellent advice for camera purchases

retro film camera adventures: Excellent advice for camera purchases: I read the Amateur photographer magazine from cover to cover most weeks and one article I really enjoy is The final frame. I know one of the...

Excellent advice for camera purchases

I read the Amateur photographer magazine from cover to cover most weeks and one article I really enjoy is The final frame. I know one of the contributors Roger Hicks photographer and author, and I have in the past tried to log on to his website with no sucsess. Well that all changed today and I have spent a pleasant hour reading his short schrift articles on his site. I particularly enjoyed his article on what what something (a secondhand camera maybe) is worth. He likened the cost of a particular camera to pairs of Levi Jeans, he even did an American conversion, strange how Levi's translate into a universal currency. I enjoyed the article and his website so I recomend it to you click here to read his words of wisdom. and look for his October 7th 2011 article but be prepared to spend a lot of time on his site.

Friday, 28 October 2011

eBay bids placed

I am bidding on a couple of range finder cameras wish me luck. I hope I am sucsessful but I cant get out even if I do not win the auctions.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

St Paul’s Church Cliftonville notice sheet

St Paul’s Church


30th October, 2011

9:15 am Holy Communion
11:00 am Family Service
6:00 pm River Service


Things happening this week

Mon: 10:30 am Open Church
Tues: 10:30 am Open Church
Wed: 10:30 am Holy Communion
11:45 am  Revival Prayers
7:30 pm Ignite
Thurs: 10:30 am Open Church
Sun 6th 9:15 am Morning Worship
11:00 am Holy Communion
6:00 pm Iona Service

Capture em young

My five year old grandson sat for ages waiting to get pictures of parakeets on my point and shoot yesterday. He managed several good shots and the beauty was it was instant. A five year old wants it now he wants to see what he has taken. He is getting a camera for Christmas. I was prompted by some of the shots on flickr taken by youngsters, hopefully my grandson will discover photography before I did.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Today might be the day

Yippee I feel well enough to get my scooter out and take the camera out. MS is a crazy disease my body is slowly falling apart but my brain still thinks I am 18. Well if I can get the scooter out I want to take a few pictures with the Yashica and I will take a digital out and try and find something to shoot. I am going crazy not getting out to finish the film and see the results. I want to save one frame to take a picture of the developers PHOTOFAST in Broadstairs but first I need to get out and get some shots ...............wish me well.

Friday, 21 October 2011

St Paul’s Church Cliftonville notice sheet

St Paul’s Church


23rd October, 2011

9:15 am              Holy Communion
11:00 am             All-Age Service
6:00 pm              River Service


Things happening this week

Mon: 10:30 am Open Church
Tues: 10:30 am Open Church
Wed: 10:30 am Holy Communion
11:45 am  Revival Prayers
7:30 pm Ignite
Thurs: 10:30 am Open Church
Sun 23rd 9:15 am Holy Communion
11:00 am All-Age Service
6:00 pm River Service

eBay so many camera's so little time

Since starting this blog my days have been taken up with old camera's. I have no idea what I am looking at or for but I keep trawling through ebays film camera section like a man possessed. I even liked old camera's before I got into photography, I think it is a man thing anything mechanical and it becomes boys toys. I used to like cars same sort of thing I spose.Well what do I do I haven't put a film through the Yashica and I am already looking for its replacement. Shall I buy another TLR? Should I try a rangefinder? is the 1955 start date too late should I start before, I dont know, but what I do know is there 'narf a lot of camera's on eBay.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Amateur Photography magazine

I eagerly wait for my new edition of Amateur Photography each week. I tend to read it from cover to cover most weeks and read all the reviews etc, but this week I am reading and rereading an article on Leidolf Lordomat  35mm camera introduced after the war. I cant buy one as they too expensive so I shall not be test one any time soon. What has caught my interest in the article was they listed several of the Leidolf Lordomat's contemporaries, and I am just going through that list to see if there are any that I might be in a position to purchase for my retro film adventures.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My first pictures

Yep we managed to get out! First off we went up to Palm Bay and watched the kite flyer's. We managed a few shots of the kites on my Panasonic  TZ8 I also tried a video clip, I am putting off looking at in on the computer because I tried taking it from the car window. Heather is still unsteady on her feet when she looks up so I have no ides what they will look like and am in no hurry to find out. From Palm Bay we went round the coast towards Broadstairs and parked up at Joss Bay to see what birds were about. We saw a Pied Wagtail  and a Yellow Wagtail I managed a few shots of the Pied Wagtail and a video clip. Then came the first shots with the Yashica. We pulled out of the car park as the sun was directly where I wanted to shoot and if we moved into Elmwood Ave the sun was to my right. After much deliberation I got out of the car and fired of three shots, I hope they are OK it wont be long before I have taken the whole film and got it developed so you wont have long to wait to see my results. See some of my digital shots over on my other blog CLICK HERE

Can I get out today?

Blue sky and sunshine, I know its chilly because I need a cardigan indoors so if I manage to get out I will take a big coat with me.We spoke about a trip to the car park at Joss Bay and if we go I aim to take a couple of shots of the lighthouse. I can then compare it with some digital images I have taken over the years. I am going to ring the developers surgested on previous post and go to Broadstairs to see Jason at PHOTOFAST in Broadstairs High Street. I have just spoken to him on the phone and his prices are very reasonable.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Saint Pauls Cliftonville Notice Sheet

St Paul’s Church


16th October, 2011

9:15 am Morning Worship
11:00 am Family Service
6:00 pm Holy Communion


Things happening this week

Mon: 10:30 am Open Church
Tues: 10:30 am Open Church
Wed: 10:30 am Holy Communion
11:45 am  Revival Prayers
7:30 pm Ignite
Thurs: 10:30 am Open Church
Sun 23rd 9:15 am Holy Communion
11:00 am All-Age Service
6:00 pm River Service

Ebay camera search

Crazy as it may seem since embarking on this crazy course I cant keep away from eBay searching for cameras. I am not sure what to get next and I haven't even taken a picture with the Yahica yet. Am I sad? Or is this becoming OCD what do you think? I cant get out in this beautiful sunshine to try the camera. I have just read some setting on Cols blog Margate35mm and if I can get someone to push my wheelchair I might take some piccies today.

Vintage Mercedes and retro cameras a perfect mix

I aim to get up and see Ross at Saint Georges Garage in the next few days as he hopes to be servicing a 1960's Merc and I want to take some pictures of it. I know they are servicing new Mercedes all the time as well as modern Volkswagens and Audi's but I think a retro camera and older cars will work well. I hope I can arange a photo shoot, if not maybe I will try getting some shots of the used cars up there, noow they are in partnership with JCB car sales group they have hundreds of used cars available to sell and hold a large stock of pre owned cars on site so I am sure Ross and Bob wont mind me advertising the garage for them.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Light meter and film plus birthdays

Today is my birthday and friends turned up with some 120 colour film for my birthday present. They got it from Henrys in Margate High Street. I loaded it with help from Phil and a look at a website for Yashica 635 so we could load the film and a couple of Youtube clips. Well the film is loaded and ready to go but I have bid on a light meter on eBay and I think I will use one so I will wait for that to arrive which wont be long. Time for my Birthday celebrations so if I dont blog tomorrow you will know I have overdone the red wine.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Kids Camera's

My daughter has just been round sorting out what the grand children want for christmas and I am pleased they both want cameras. Not anything technical they are only five and two so it looks like spongebob and square pants for the eldest and a fisher price one for the two year old. The start early nowadays. That is where digital comes into its own as the boys can have fun taking pictures and it wont cost anything, plus it will get them more computer literate which can only be a good thing. I know this blog is about film cameras but digital is todays film for kids.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kodak fears

I have just read in the amateur photographer magazine that Kodak may be in financial trouble! Kodak are struggling to find a place in the digital market place but still says it will continue to supply film 'as long as there is demand' I know over the years Kodak have been at the fore front of camera and film manufacture but can the survive on name alone?

Nothing New in Digital Camera's

I started this blog because of a discovery I made while looking at the "new CSC" compact system camera's. I discovered that the Olympus Pen range is more or less a rehashed 1959 design name made digital. This got me wondering what else I dont know about my new hobby. And then I decided to trawl through the internet and eBay too see what I could find out. Whilst I like the look of earlier bellows camera's I dont want to go to far back so decided nothing pre 1955 which was the year I was born. I love to see the old Brass and Teak Tropical cameras but I aint trying to reinvent the wheel just a bit of recent film History.

First I need some film

My new camera is just a useless lump without film. I know nothing about what kind I need so I phoned the local camera shop and to my surprise they have film in stock, so now I need to get into Margate. Who can I get to take me? I cant ask my wife Heather she has been unwell for the last three month and is unable to drive at the moment so I need help at the first hurdle. I should mention the camera shop is Henrys in Margate High Street. Margate tops the country when it comes to empty shops but Henrys have been in Margate or years and can be found at 52 High Street Margate Kent CT10 1LH  01843 221 355

Monday, 10 October 2011

Yashica B arrived today

The postman arrived with a special delivery today, the first of what I hope will be a long line of film camera's. I aim to buy old skool film camera's and put a film through them and let you see the results. So the first one I am trying is a Yashica B circa according to the ebay seller 1962. I know that the current craze for Lomo is the thing at the moment and the results are not the thing woth Lomo but I thought long and hard about buying a Russian Lubitel and read all the blogs and internet forums and then I read an article about Yashica's, The writer reconed they are on a par with Rolleicord's, how true that is I have no idea but given everyone else says the Lubitels of this world  are of dubious quality I plumped for the Japanese Yashica. I bid for it on Thursday night and it arrived this morning so damned quick, I haven't even been out to pick up any film yet.

Well having prised  it from the posties clutches I headed back upstairs on my stairlift (I am disabled and spend most of my time in a wheelchair) getting it unwrapped was easy compaired to releasing it from the ever ready leather case. But I finally worked out how to free it from the case and say it in all its retro beauty. I was surprised how heavy it is and how many dials and levers there are. SCARY STUFF. I will go and play now so see you all tomorrow unless I have more to report before then.