Friday, 9 March 2018

What shall I do develop and print or just get them developed and scanned

Decisions decisions decisions what shall I do? I remember the fun of get my prints back from the shop and the excitement of getting outside the shop and thumbing through my snaps on the way back to the car. The nearest processor is at Folkestone NTPhotoworks which is a 56 mile round trip. I know that I can post the film but I am rather precious over this one as I have never used a TLR and 120 film before so I rather fancy delivering it by hand so I actually know it is there safe and sound. Stupid as  I have sent 100's of films away by post over the years but now in the age of digital I feel sort of responsible for it's safe keeping. I feel like the films father and very protective towards it.😃
My Yashica B TLR Camera
Wish me luck, fingers crossed that they actually come out.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Promote Thanet: POW! Thanet 2018: Female Young Musicians’ Drop In

Promote Thanet: POW! Thanet 2018: Female Young Musicians’ Drop In: Are you a female between the ages of 14-21 interested in music? Want to find out more about making a career out of music? Needing a confi...

Friday, 5 January 2018

To print more photographs, 2018's resolution

In my loft is a suitcase and its full of photos. I remember my children raiding it for my fiftieth birthday celebration. The laughter as the recalled times gone by, memories frozen in time on tiny pieces of paper. Try doing that on a computer or phone screen. The desire to record everything has increased but the joy the laughter has been lost. So my resolution for 2018 is to print more photos. And you never know I may even get to use my collection of film camera's. Now that may slow me down even more!